VEDEL 100: a tribute to the Modus seriesUnveiling a limited special edition

First and foremost, it’s important to highlight that this special VEDEL100 edition aims to honor the classic Modus series. The recognizable square wooden frames remain untouched. As, since the inception of the idea for this special edition, the overarching aim has been to pay homage to the esteemed Modus series while embracing and celebrating its intrinsic qualities. The VEDEL100 edition is unique because the Modus easy and Modus ottoman, the pieces of the Modus series for which the designer is most renowned today, are presented in a different light. Namely, in sheepskin. A material that Miyazaki works with exclusively for this edition. This particular choice of material pays homage to the multifaceted talents of Kristian Vedel, who, in addition to his design prowess, had a remarkable chapter in life as a sheepfarmer. Not only does the edition carry profound meaning derived from Vedel’s life story, but it also adds an exquisite level of comfort to the Modus. Wrapped in sheepskin, these pieces offer a tactile experience that is both soft and timeless. The sheepskin, sourced from Europe and meticulously crafted in Japan, serves as a bridge between cultures – a testament to Miyazaki’s and Vedel’s openness to diverse influences. The VEDEL100 pieces feature frames crafted from walnut or walnut ebony. Offering you the option of a natural oil finish for a lighter hue or an ebony oil finish for a deeper, more darker shade. The combination of the soft sheep and the wooden structure remains light given the light basic structure. Every aspect of the woodwork is refined and smooth to the touch, mirroring the tactile softness of the sheepskin upholstery. This harmonious blend of materials not only ensures a soft and inviting feel but also exudes a timeless warmth.Beyond its connection to Vedel’s life story, the sheepskin enhances the comfort of the Modus, providing a soft, enveloping sensation. Its natural qualities make it ideal for all seasons, creating a piece that is not only visually appealing but also exceptionally comfortable. Sheepskin offers a delightful blend of comfort and versatility across seasons. Renowned for its inherent qualities, it gracefully adapts to varying temperatures. In colder climates, its insulating properties cocoon the user in warmth, ensuring a cozy and inviting experience. Conversely, during warmer days, sheepskin’s breathability and moisture-regulating capabilities come to the forefront, providing a cool and refreshing sensation. The breathable aspects of the sheep skins also make it possible that air can pass unhindered underneath for the sake of the bottom pillow. Beyond its functional attributes, the natural allure of sheepskin imparts a timeless elegance to any setting, making it a cherished companion throughout the year. Sheepskin’s strength and durability make it ideal for daily use, ensuring longevity and maintaining both structural integrity and aesthetic appeal over time.